Seniors for Seniors foster program

This program provides our senior cats (5 yrs+) with senior citizens (65 yrs+) enriching the lives of both. It is a foster program, meaning that we provide all of the necessities for the cat, including food/water bowls/litter and litter box (delivering if needed) and retain ownership of the pet, while the senior provides a loving home. Fostering a senior cat not only gives one of our senior cats a home, but has many benefits for the senior foster parent... studies have shown that a pet can reduce blood pressure, lower stress, and reduce loneliness and depression.

To get started, the senior, along with a family member or other caretaker, makes an appointment to visit our shelter to find a good match between the senior foster parent and a senior cat. They fill out an application after meeting the pet, and a member of HCHS evaluates the application for a good fit. The senior cat gets a great home, and the senior human gets the benefits of a great companion pet. A shelter volunteer will contact the senior occasionally to see if there are any questions, needs or concerns.

If you know a senior who could benefit from this program, please encourage them to contact us for more information!