Low-Cost Vaccination Clinics
for Dogs and Cats


Bring your dog or cat to one of our low-cost vaccination clinics! No appointment is required, just bring your pet on a leash or in a carrier. The local veterinarians you love will administer vaccines, and a portion of the proceeds benefits our shelter.
A social distancing plan to keep everyone safe will be created for each location, and announced
prior to that clinic. Please check here or on Facebook before you attend a clinic, so you will have
the most recent information on procedures to follow.

2021 Clinics

Regretfully, circumstances will not allow us to hold Low-Cost Vaccination Clinics in 2021.
We are all disappointed not to be able to provide this service at this time,
which is also a fundraiser for our shelter.
Thank you for your understanding

Cash or checks are accepted in payment.
Electronic options will be made available IF possible (please confirm prior to attending).

Hancock County residence is NOT required... everyone is welcome!

Canine Vaccines:   Feline Vaccines:  
Rabies $15  Rabies $15 
DHLP/Parvo $15 FVRCP $15
Combo - Rabies + DHLP/Parvo $25 Combo - Rabies + FVRCP $25
Bordetella $15 FeLeuk $20