Sponsors - We Thank You!


Thank you to the Hancock County Community Foundation for their generous grant to replace our failing water heater!
More information here.

Thank You, AdoptaPet.com and Advantage II

Many thanks to the great people at AdoptaPet.com and Advantage II, whose grant program,
"Little Acts, Big Help Advantage" awarded our shelter 372 doses of Advantage II flea protection
for our shelter residents!


We have many people to thank for their support of our shelter last winter:

Dr. Jeff Hanssen and Marjorie Kashner, 
     Westwood Veterinary Clinic, Greenfield
Elanco of Greenfield
Hancock County Community Foundation
Nickie Scott and Bentley’s Buddies
Kathleen Free, local author
Heather Hamilton and Greenfield-Hancock Animal Management
Youngblood’s Natural Animal Care Center, Greenfield
Brookschool Road Vet Clinic, Fishers 
Priscilla McCune, All Pet Health Care
Many individuals and organizations in our community who donated funds, supplies, and furniture
Our wonderful volunteers

We couldn't have done it without you!



Bowling Night and Sponsors


Our shelter is funded entirely on donations, and we think you'll enjoy reading part of a letter that arrived with a recent donation:

I am 11 years old... I was part of a Girl Scout troop that came to help last year, and I was so sad to go after seeing how sweet the cats are there. After that, I told one of my friends about a plan to raise money... I made about $40, and I am happy to give you this money to help you to help the cats. Thank you so much for taking care of all these cats! Also, thank you for being a non-kill animal shelter.

Thank YOU  for participating in our mission to help animals in our community!


Thank You, Inskeep Ford

Inskeep Ford Greenfield

Many thanks to Jeff Inskeep and Inskeep Ford, for their generous donation to our shelter!


HCCF Grant received

Hancock County Community Foundation Grants Roofing Funds

The Hancock County Community Foundation has awarded our shelter a $10,000 grant which greatly boosted the funds we needed to replace our leaking roof.  Thanks to the Foundation for the great work they do in our community!