Hancock County Humane Society


Who We Are - What We Do
Our motto: "Kindness to Animals, Inevitably Leads to Kindness to People."

The  Hancock County Humane Society is a no-kill*, non-profit animal  shelter registered as  a 501(c )3 organization. (We are  not  affiliated with, nor do we receive financial support from, the Humane Society of the United States.) This shelter has been in existence since 1977 and has always been staffed entirely by volunteers and funded entirely on donations from the local community. (We do not receive government or public funding.) You can research our organization on GuideStar.

We strive to find permanent safe and  loving adoptive homes for the pets in our care. We average 30-40 cats in our shelter and with foster volunteers. Our average intake of cats in a year, and adoptions of pets, is approximately 200. With the recent addition of a medical isolation suite to our facility, our volunteers in cooperation with local veterinarians are able to provide the daily care necessary to help more sick animals become healthy, adoptable pets. We work with other local shelters and last year rescued over 100 cats from facilities who are sometimes forced to euthanize animals due to illness or space limitations.

We work to provide our community with resources for necessary animal care services so more residents can keep their pets and avoid surrendering them. Our pet food pantry is nearing its second completed year in service. We host annual low-cost vaccination clinics with local veterinarians to provide affordable vaccines. We provide resources to help reunite lost pets and their owners. Our pets are adopted with microchips that can be transferred to their new forever family! We help scouting groups with pet-related education and service projects and connect pet owners with spay/neuter resources to help reduce the population of unwanted animals.

Many volunteers and donations are needed to make our continuing mission a success.
Please help us save lives!

Our adoptions, services, resources, and volunteer opportunities are provided without regard to race or ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, or gender identification. We believe in treating all people and all animals with kindness and respect.


Board of Directors



Melinda Wright

Vice President Heather White
Corresponding Secretary Kaelyn  Roberts
Recording Secretary Tama Poncar
Treasurer Beverly Reece
Board Members Nikki Armstrong
  Samantha Bullman
  Douglas Cross
  Monique Lange
  Samantha Zirkle

Hancock County Humane Society volunteer cuddles a kitty*No-kill meaning healthy pets with good temperaments are kept until adopted no matter how many years it may take. Our  longest resident stayed with us for 7 years! We diligently work to treat unhealthy pets whenever possible.

Please note that we are a completely separate shelter from Greenfield-Hancock Animal Management. In Hancock County, they are the organization authorized to deal with stray animals and other issues involving loose pets, animal neglect/abuse, or wild animals.
Their contact information can be found